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Red Nose PitBull

The Red Nose Pitbull Terrier isn't a different breed however only one of the numerous varieties of the American Pitbull Terrier.

As their name recommends, they have a red nose, yet this can likewise be pink or a profound dark colored red alongside red toenails, red mouth and, some of the time, red eyes too. A champion fighter was worth a small fortune to its’ owner, so breeding was kept a closely guarded secret using a small gene pool of dogs owned only by trusted acquaintances and family members.

They bred the dogs due to their gameness rather than color. Because red is recessive to all colors, except for white, the “old family” eventually became the “old family red nose” or OFRN.

Blue Nose PitBull

With this being stated, your blue nose Pitbull terrier does not need to have a blue nose by any means. They can really wear a blue, dim, dark, or even a red nose and still be a blue nose Pit-bull.

The separation in shading does not act like a blemish or flaw to the breed, which is a comment as a main priority.

The one of a kind "blue" tone is because of the passive phenotypes radiating through and being created.

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I don't like pitbulls
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