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Originally posted by: pahulkster

Everyone should watch the naked sauna fight scene in Eastern Promises

former user MAM and i went to this super divey ukrainian bar that had a whole set of taps but no draft beers. they also had a multi-tiered liquor setup but there were just a couple of vodka bottles spread around it. the only beer they sold were Old Style bottles out of a regular fridge like you’d have in your kitchen. they had a pool table that we played on, but i think we were the first ones to play it in years.

jumping ahead, MAM says “you ever see Eastern Promises? (no)...well, i feel like we’re in that movie and we’re going to get killed in here. also there’s a brutal sauna fight in that movie.”

that’s when i learned about the sauna fight. i didn’t get the reference at the time but i did feel like we were about to be ambushed and stuffed in a shipping container bound for kiev
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