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I'm 19 years of age; I've played piano for a long time. I'm okay when I take in a piece and I know heaps of music hypothesis however at whatever point I endeavor to write something it sounds likes craps. Some of the time I'll hear a wonderful thought in my mind yet when I attempt to put it on paper and make sense of the rhythms and correct piano, it's no more. Following piano movements dependably appears to make for the minimum great, most exhausting sounding pieces. I ridiculously need proofreading and editing to write a pleasant bit of music for piano, however I can't do it and it appears like I ought to have the capacity to in light of the fact that I have heaps of involvement in piano and hypothesis, even some different instruments. I comprehend that there isn't a science to it, yet how do individuals get to a point where it just comes to them and they can put it on paper without any issues? What's more, I don't mean normal I-IV-V-I piano movements and stuff, I indicate similar to Debussy and Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Clearly I'm youthful and I won't have the capacity to write and also them, however you get what I'm attempting to state.
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