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The Importance of Using a Portable Voice Recorder
(Artists & Producer Alert)

By: Producer DAB Smooth Beats

In my Beginner days of music composition, I can’t tell you how many times I have hummed a beat, melody or verse in my mind, only to have it quickly forgotten a short time later. As a passionate Music Producer, Musician or Artist, you will consistently have a rhythm, melody, lyric or rhyme pulsating inside your head, to a level that nobody else on your same musical frequency will fully comprehend.

You could very well have a possible hit song flourishing in your mind, but if you fail to act on it immediately, you could cost yourself a potential fortune and an opportunity to bless the world with your gift. You may not always have quick access to your studio or even a simple note pad. This is a where the use of a Portable Voice Recorder is golden! One of the greatest aspects of owning a Voice Recorder is that you can conveniently choose from a variety of free apps for your cell phone!

As a producer, I record a simple Beatbox rhythm or melody EVERY time to my cell phone recorder for a quick reference guide. Then, by the time I hit the studio to lay down a track, I already have several personal recordings to work from, as a brief ‘kick starter’. This is such a critical tool in my music production for so many reasons. Most importantly, I think it helps prevent common writers block, so that I am not entering the studio with a blank slate. It also helps to keep the motivation high, just knowing that I have several ‘kick starter’ recordings to work with.

So, I would suggest that any Recording Artist, Singer, Rapper, Producer or Composer carry around some form of a Portable Recording Device. Kick a Beatbox or Lyric while it’s still fresh on your mind. As you build your personal library of recordings and progress through your musical endeavors, you’ll be glad you did!
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