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Atsuo Dohke is Japanese Attorney at Law who has been passionate about creative expression from a very early age. Today, Atsuo is focused on bringing the music of his chosen instrument, the Liuto to new global audiences around the world. Born in 1959 and a resident of Tokyo, Japan, Atsuo was trained under the classical expertise of Master Mandolinist Elizaburo Hirayama.

During his training with Master Hirayama which began in 1977, Atsuo learned how to play the Mandolin and made excellent progress. Originally, he had been more interested in playing the Cello, an instrument known for its “low voice” when compared to the Mandolin. At the time that he had begun to work with Master Hirayama, purchasing his desired instrument was out of reach but he was still happy to work with such a talented instructor and to learn how to work with a stringed instrument such as a Mandolin.

Known as the most famous Japanese artist to play the Mandolin, Hirayama was the first person to introduce Atsuo to the sweet and hypnotic sounds of the stringed instrument known as the Liuto. At first, Atsuo was reluctant, but overtime, as he became more familiar with the Liuto, he saw the potential in using it as his main instrument. By 1997, Atsuo had completely shifted his focus away from the Mandolin, and had begun to make the Liuto the focus of his creative output.

An Italian instrument that was devised towards the end of the 19th Century By Master Raffaele Calace and featuring 5 pairs of strings, the Liuto is known for its unique low-voiced sound. While traditionally used to accompany the more well known Mandolin, as a part of that instrument’s traditional orchestral arrangement, in the hand’s of Atsuo Dohke, the Liuto has been transformed into the centerpiece of musical compositions spanning the worlds of classical and contemporary pop music.

Though many might view Atsuo Dohke’s solo and piano accompanied Liuto compositions as experimental, once they listen to the artist’s sound, they are likely to understand the merit of such expressions. Atsuo is an exceptionally talented and deeply passionate performer who is interested in raising the international profile of the Liuto while exposing global audiences to the sound of his beloved instrument.

If you have never heard the Liuto but enjoy classical music and contemporary pop, be sure to check out Atsuo Dokhe’s unforgettable compositions!

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