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Sweetmates breathe some fresh air into the industry with their new EP ‘Disco Turd.’ When they started creating music, Dec and Sam were inspired by genres as far apart as EDM, indie and rock which they mixed with soulful pop vibes to create a truly unique sound. This sound developed into ‘Disco Turd.’ The resulting EP is original, extremely enjoyable and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. As off-the-wall as it is catchy, this four-track EP is addictive and will become the soundtrack to your spring.
Indie pop tracks such as ‘Papa Chico’s Semi Freddo’ and ‘Dream To Be Living,’ made brilliant by Sam’s distinctive, heartfelt vocals and ripping guitar hooks, are taken to another level by the pounding, euphoric dance beats Dec has infused into the EP’s production. This collection of scintillating pop will have you dancing into summer.
International media are taking notice of Sweetmates’ originality and quality, with ITV’s ‘This Morning,’ being one of many television and radio stations giving the band coverage which stretches from London to LA to Sydney. Their hit I Don’t Dream has been played over 600,000 times on Spotify and features in the Lionsgate motion picture Nerve (2016). One reviewer wrote that Sweetmates’ music is ‘not only unique but also very, very good.” The band is going where nobody has gone before and is taking a lot of fans with them.
Download ‘Disco Turd’ from April 1st, or pre-order on iTunes now and you will receive ‘Woof’ instantly. Sweetmates are throwing a ‘Disco Turd’ launch party at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton on June 17th. You will not want to miss this!
Pre-order ‘Disco Turd EP’ on iTunes now -
Watch the official videos for ‘Woof’ and ‘Papa Chico’s Semi Freddo´ on Sweetmates’ YouTube channel now -
Contact Sweetmates via :
E-mail –
Web -
Social media -
forum Drone, Noise, Electronic, Experimental ›› Sweetmates present their new EP ‘Disco Turd’ ›› new reply Post Reply

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