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I work in an alternative school and I bemoan the fact that some of these students are wasting my tax dollar because they aren't trying. But when you dig deeper, you learn their stories like being raped, completely abused, total destruction of the family unit. I would say with a great principal and great teachers maybe a fourth will turn it around and many don't wake up until several years in the system. The other alternative is to let them loose and flounder without any support and pay more taxes on prisons. I thought maybe the private sector should take the burden of training them if they hate school. But more problems would arise with that. I can't see the private sector having the patience with their mindset and psychology. We would end up building more prisons. When they do turn it around, it's quite a miracle. I had one woman who was pretty much abandoned by her mom and could not add two plus two and was involved with drug dealers. I thought she would never get out of school. She is almost graduating now and is looking to go to college. There were countless times out of testing pressure and frustration I would think to myself why are you so lazy and irresponsible, you should get out of school, but kept fighting those thoughts and just kept plugging away at helping her learn. The question of money being wasted is really hard to measure. Anyway when I was at school (usual one) I could ask to write me an essay and rely on guys completely. We all are humans and might need a little help from time to time.
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