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Originally posted by: cbrickhouse

republicans are old and poor peoples worst nightmares and yet they still vote for them, i do not fucking understand

So you want government to take care of people?

When has any government ever done that? Government (Latin: gubernare mente) literally translates to "control of the mind." Government, by its very nature, is great at mind control, theft (aka taxation), mass murder, and enslavement, and little else, and so, the more government gets involved in people's lives and the more people start depending on them, the worse it gets.

Ever heard of "They that govern least, govern best"?

Don't you always talk about how you learned to code all on your own and made a good living for yourself? Government didn't help you. You did it yourself. That's a good thing. The best that a government can do is stay out of the way and not obstruct individual freedom to better oneself. Donald Trump is the first president in 54 years to understand this.

People who are all upset about LIHEAP and other government "assistance" being cut should remember that it was government that made the people depending on it poor in the first place by design.
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gubbmint took muh baybee
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