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The rise and rise of Canadian DJ Miss Tara continues with her remarkable new album 'Let's Live.' Bass pounds relentlessly over this immense 34-track project. DJ Miss Tara presents listeners with a three hour party, filled with hit after hit after hit. Singles such as 'Invincible,' are accompanied by surreal videos, offering listeners a unique, fascinating experience. Beats using a variety of different style of percussion are mixed with impressive vocals, provided by a number of talented artists who feature on the project, Including Melky, sister of Wyclef Jean.
Having shared stages with great DJs such as David Guetta, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix, Miss Tara brings huge experience to this album which is immediately obvious in the ferocious intensity which is present in all tracks on the album and ultimately defines the project.
In releasing her first full album, DJ Miss Tara starts as she means to go on, by providing an anthemic timeless collection of music, which can light up any dancefloor, in any city, at any time. The truly global appeal of 'Let's Live' is made clear by references to party paradises such as Miami and Goa in the titles of tracks on the album and the use of Portuguese and Spanish in song titles on the project. Through 'Let's Live' the Toronto-based DJ hosts an international party and everyone's invited. This range of global inspirations for the album is inevitable, given DJ Miss Tara's long history of performing overseas, entertaining her fans regardless of where they live.

DJ Miss Tara's new albm 'Let's Live!' and the official video for 'Invincible' will be released on 16th January. 2017 is certain to be a special year for the Canadian

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I'm Canadian girl & i love to listen Canadian DJ Miss Tara, she's is one of the best DJ ever. her new album 'Let's Live is outstanding, i often listening her songs in my free time. due to my hard work in my office i missed some of her event, my profession is click here for link & i like to listen Miss Tara.
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