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“Dancing with Me”, Adrianna Edwards’ sexy new melodic house single features a sophisticated approach to contemporary pop music that is sure to appeal to listeners around the world. A breezy, sensual track, it is quite easy to get lost in senses of true pleasure while listening to Adrianna Edward’s ethereal voice moving in harmony with a very modern sounding take on dance music. The complete “Dancing with Me” remix package contains a full 8 versions of the track and offers many unique ways to celebrate life with Adrianna’s soothing and hypnotic dance music.

Adrianna Edwards is a dynamic and versatile talent who knows how to craft memorable and deeply emotive music. A true artist, Adrianna has explored a rich creative landscape spanning poetry, film and fashion. She has traveled the world, revealing an ever deepening sense of self. Now with the international release of her new single “Dancing with Me” and it’s expansive remix package, Adrianna sets her sights on conquering the world of dance music.

The hot new single “Dancing with Me” features a stunning music video which was choreographed by Bless Klepcharek of Britain’s Got Talent and was filmed on location in London, UK and Ibiza, Spain. The “Dancing with Me” single and remix package has been released by Acmestar Records and is receiving international promotion through Universal Records.

Featuring 7 unique remixes of “Dancing with Me”, the 8 tracks contained in this release span the world of electronic music with varying treatments revealing something for every DJ and unique dancefloor around the world. Nikonn and Mental Blue add their talents to this package in the form of truly intriguing remixes that speak to their past experience working with internationally renowned artists such as The Shapeshifters and Lana Del Rey. The musical landscape of the “Dancing with Me” remix package is quite expansive with many flavors of modern dance representing everything from chilled to deep and even progressive EDM sounds.

All fans of electronic dance music guided by the serene vocals of a sophisticated and worldly woman will love Adrianna’s unique sonic world. “Dancing with Me” is the perfect song to help recapture the joy and inspiration of life, a reminder to savor the best times and the perfect answer to the chillier temperatures ahead!
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