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Charity Ekeke is dynamic and imaginative singer and songwriter who is behind the soaring debut album “She”. Designed to be an uplifting and inspirational sonic journey, Charity Ekeke uses a backdrop of contemporary pop arrangements to explore more complex themes related to the self, womanhood, our global community and the imperative for all of humanity to live honorable and fulfilling lives.

This is music with a purpose designed to excite, invigorate and soothe. Across these songs, Charity is able to draw from the tapestry of her own lived experience as well as those of individuals around the world. In this way she has created a truly international album that will speak to audiences on all shores who appreciate passionate and moving music that is upbeat, positive and brimming with hope. Charity Ekeke’s expansive and evocative new album “She” is the perfect way to celebrate the beauty and immense potential of humanity. This album will bring compassion, peace and love to all who have the privilege of listening to it.

Charity Ekeke’s new 11 track album “She” is being released on the independent label Unity Gain Inc. on Friday, October 7th, 2016. Inspired by legendary recording artists such as Nat King Cole, Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Shade, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, Journey, and The Commodores, “She” is a modern classic and a record that is sure to excite audiences of all ages. This is timeless popular music that is brimming with emotion, experience and connection. In this way it is a point of reference that will bring communities together.

Music with meaning, designed to heal and crafted with love, this is the perfect album for anyone who could use a reminder about how sweet this life is. Charity Ekeke is a skilled performer and you will be amazed as you reflect on your life and enjoy your time while listening to this music. If you are ready to step into a world of possibility and wonder, make sure you check out Charity Ekeke’s groundbreaking debut album “She”.
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