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Originally posted by: One last shot

It looked strange - especially as my first search came up with multiple references on this forum to "time cube" which seems to be a standing internal joke in here. Even so I did a search on a couple of engines and less than a handful of specific sites with no luck.
So on the offchance that what is typed below would be wrong, could you please provide a source (not a direct download) or link.
I've not said I like or do not like the music, but it is stuck and getting to know what group it is should unstuck it.
"Referring to Used to describe someone or something that is so stupid it tears at the very fabric of reality."

• I've searched on my own (for plenty of time).
• This is the second forum i turn to (another one where i actually did reply to a handful or two other posts about similar topics and carried more than my weight).
•This is a forum that is focused on similar music, is it not?
So please enlighten me to why I am wasting your time when I'm turning to the ones on this forum to lend me a hand with something more than one person in this forum is bound to know? Because I simply asked for help, I did not force you Doug to answer.

And yes, (if this is a trolling expedition) I do in no way see him/her as representing the full forum!

If I'm off base here and I simply can't find that band I apologise, will in the belief of the good look some more for it.

I do what I want
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