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email if interested: Prices are based on what i see as a fair value. If you would like to make an offer, you are welcome. I will be more willing to haggle with larger purchases. Thanks for looking!

Attake- March to the Gallows on grey/opaque marble vinyl. hand numbered out of 500. Awesome pakaging on this record all around. d-beat/stenchcore with female vocals.- Mouth of Madness records- $8.00

Valhalla Pacifists/Burning the prospects- Clean and Crisp melodic d-beat from both. Really well exectued. Reminds me a bit of early tragedy.- Dead Heroes records. $4.00

Bacchus/Burning the Prospects- Another release of melodic d-beat hardcore on Suburban Mayhem Records. 4.00

** get both Burning prospects 7"s for 6.50!**

Bonr- Self titled 7"- Released on Revive records. Female fronted japanese hardcore. Reminds me of a more refined battle of disarm. Includeas all inserts including the original sticker. Revive Records Japan- $8.00

Knife in the Leg- Bloodlust ep - includes members of the all-mighty silence from Poland. This project is much different. More of the fast-paced 80s hardcore, but done really well Trujaca Fala/ Communichaos records $4.50

Square the Circle- I am so Bored 7". I really dig this 7" a lot. Manic japanese thrash-core with complex layers and groovy hooks. A good meeting place between gauze and jellyroll rockheads. Released on crew for life records. $4.00

Amoba- II 7"- only 300 pressed. Pile-driving hardcore from these Swedish maniacs. Reminds me alot of Mob 47 and krigshot but with enough uniqueness to keep it spinning. - Hardware Records- $5.00

Warcry- Nausea - Straight-up d-beat, taking its obvious ques from disclose. Has has scandanavian influences in there, and of course the vocal, to keep it less boring. A great 7"- Warcry Records- $5.00

Life- Warning- Amazing and ridiculous all at the same time. There really is no band like life. fuzzy and distorted d-beat whose execution is similar to the chemistry of framtid, but far more raw and unhinged. One of my favorite releases from Japan.- $10.00

Selvhenter- To Fingre I Kudden... - Raw and in your face ktown hardcore that brings to mind early amdi petersons amre. No holds barred on this one. Every track kills it!- bad Hair Life records- $4.50

Los Monjo- Cerdos- Los Monjo are from Guadalajara, Mexico and play 80's style Spanish punk rock. featuring 3 tracks that bring to mind eskorbuto or RIP. Todo Destruido records. $3.00

Tierra De Nadie- Sordos a la Tierra- Dark and raging d-beat from Chicago. All songs sung in spanish. Brings to mind Ekkaia or antimaster. Great production as well. This version is on limited red vinyl (100 pressed i believe)- Mundo en Kaos records- $8.00

Holocaust in your head/Black Panda 7"- Trail Blazing d-beat RnR from both of these spanish bands. Excellent production, catchy riffs, wild vocals, and lots of d-beat pummeling! This copy of limited green vinyl. $6.00

Extinct Government/Recharge- A classic piece of Japanese/German punk! E.G. play super catchy japanese street punk with a traditional japcore feel to it. Think Stalin and Lip Cream wiht a dash of the exploited. Recharge take thier lead fro discharge and play d-beat punk. Raw and to the point. A great 7"! Epistrphy records- 10.00 (Sleeve has very minor ring wear, which is reflected in the mark down on this one. It is very minor. but all else is pristine.)

Effigy/Havaistys 7"- Effigy are like an Amebix inspired Japanese Sledgehammer. This stuff is absolutley crazy. Amazing, if you like to stenchcore metal punk thing. Havaistys, who is much more up my alley, play blazing fast scandanavian/Japanese insipred hardcore punk with completley appropriate vocals for the style. a very satyisfying release. Whisper in Darkness records- $14.00

Holy Mountain/Cave Canem 7"- US/German melodic d-beat. A little bit humdrum on this one, but if you like melodic dbeat ALA tragedy or ekkaia, you will not be dissapointed. No Idea records- $4.00

Totalni Promasaj/Bad Justice 7"- Serbia meets craotia in this totally inspiring release from the 90s. T.P. play a style very similar to the classics like UBR. But they shred a whole lot and the vocals are completley desperate! includes a disaffect cover. B.J. play a simialr style with male/female vocals. A bit more anarcho-punk but with great lo-fi production that only enhances the sound. A real Classic! Humanitiva Nova records $11.00

Autistic Youth/the Estranged - Killer punk rock from both. AU play with much more urgency and melody. The best in the game at that particular style. Estranged are bit more dark and post-punk. joy division and the spectres come to mind. $6.00

Freedoom- Stop Talking...- Dark as hell melodic dbeat who have no doubt studied the pinnacle second lp by ekkaia. This thing will spin on your turn table for ages. Mark my words. Invasion Rock records- $5.50

One by One- Fight 7"- Arguably the most influential band of the 90s. Somewhere between hardcore, crust, and anarchopunk. Comparable to scatha, sedition, and disaffect. First release with Karin on vocals. These guys were never disappointing. Flat Earth/Nabate records. $13.00

Conclusion- (Japanese Title 7")- This thing is a heavy dose of Japanese d-beat that could rival most any release of this genre. I have no idea why this band never got more popular! Absolutley killer 7". HG Fact records. $5.50

Asfixia- S/T - Green/Black splattered vinyl. This is the Spanish Lost World! melodic d-beat punk with crazy female vocals! Released on multiple labels. $5.00

Instangd- Mitt Svar...- Instängd take as their main influence old, barbaric Scandinavian punk like Headcleaners / Huvudtvätt, Missbrukarna, or S.O.D. (the Swedish one, not the one from New York). Sorry State records $3.00

Blood Spit Nights- Full Metal Jacket- Portland's Japanese Noise D-Beat worship band Blood Spit Nights first ep. Blood Spit Nights focus on the noise of classic Japanese bands like Gai, Confuse, and Kuro. This is my favorite record by them so far. Massacre records $15.00

Brain Death- Personal Affair- eight tracks of thrashy Japanese hardcore from the 80s. Think systematic death or outo but with amazing female vocals. A real classic! Low Brow Plate records- $16.00

Dona Malad- En Llamas de Rabia 7"- 8 songs of galloping uptempo hcpunk from Venezuela. Melodic, but always straight forward and aggressive with dual male vocals. recordings are rough and powerful, nicely done sleeve, but sadly no translations of the lyrix. But nonetheless highly recommended! $4.50

Warvictims- Krigsoffer - primitive swedish d-beat from these guys. I think this is their debut 7". Soon to be highly collectible no doubt. From the label: "Six d-beat mayhem bombs from Sweden that will blow your fucking head off!" Svaveldioxid records. $6.00

Asocial- Demo 83- Super limited vinyl edition of Asocials highly collectible demo cassette. Only 300 made, and this one in a limited hand-numbered blue version. Framtid, Kriegshog, Giftgasattack, etc... all took their cues from these guys. $16.00

Momento Mori- S/T 7"- Ex Confusione 7". Brutal Italian hardcore. Think wretched or Idigesti on this one. Agipunk records- $4.00

Pause- Lovenom- Ultra dark and super heavy Finnish hardcore intensity from this Tampere quintet, offering four songs of thick, burly, sweeping distortion riffs from three (!) guitars and a bass, and a gnarled attitude towards all things "love". I believe the drummer is from Riistetyt. Fans of Unkind, Wolfbrigade, Artimus Pyle, etc. $3.00

Kontempt- S/T 7"- Canadian stenchcore guys who i think went on to play in Contagium. The Total End records- 4.00

Selfish- S/T 7" Self released by the band. This is the 7" that put Selfish on the map as true contenders of the burning spirits crown (outside of japan, of course). A full effort production with tons of heart and nods to deathside from start to finish. $9.00

Dawn of Humans 7"- From the same scene that brought CRAZY SPIRIT into our lives comes DAWN OF HUMANS. This transcends good punk and blurs subgenre classifications until you don't care what it's supposed to be called - you just want to know how to cram more of it in your earholes. Brilliant! 8.00

Eskatologia- Borjan 7"- ex- Personkrets 3:1 and the similarities dont stop there. fullthrotle swedish d-beat that is chocked full of melody and change ups. Great vocals and well produced! Halvabrikat Records $4.50

Warning Vinyl Fanzine 7"- Unreleased tracks by lebenden toten Dealy Ultra Sound, Rotten Cadaver, and Dog Soldier. Killer release of PDX d-beat madness. Limited to 500 copies. 15.00

Battle of Disarm/Subcaos 7"- Amazing D-beat from Portugal/Japan. Subcaos take more of the doom approach where as BOD are more complex and traditional d-beat. Great production and burly as hell. This one dosen't come around often. DIY records. $13.00

Battle of Disarm/Hylkio - More Crushing d-beat from Japan/Finland. BOD knew how to pick their counter-parts! Amazing release. $15.00

Battle of Disarm/Katastrofialue - See above... $21.00

Battle of Disarm/Fleas and Lice- See above.... $22.00

Battle of Disarm/Snifter - $13.00

Crocodile Skink/Forca Macabra 7"- Crazy good japanese d-beat meets finnish thrash punk inspired by Armagedom! A hell of a split. DIY records. $13.00

Armagedom- Apoeu Da Insanidade.... - On Limited blue vinyl. ARMAGEDOM formed in Brazil over 20 years ago, and though the lineup has changed over the years, the band is still churning out raw, ugly hardcore. This new release is decidedly less metallic than their split with FORCA MACABRA that came out a few years back (but was recorded early on in their career). With musical cues from both DISCHARGE and the wealth of excellent bands from Brazil over the years, the EP features four tracks of dark and driving punk sung in Portuguese. $6.50

Eppu Normaali- Poliisi Pamputtaa... 7" - A personal favourite of mine. Great punk, as are the first 2 LP`s. Sadly after this the band went in another direction but all there 70/early 80s stuff is essential! Comat Rock - $12.50

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