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June 5 2011 8:58 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
"Take heart, all of you who've mourned the absence of Avail from the Richmond scene these past several years. Freeman, a new band who've been around for the past year or so, reunites 3/5 of the classic Satiate/Dixie lineup of Avail, bringing them back together for the first time in fifteen years. Guitarist Joe Banks is still technically a member of Avail (since they are technically still together), but drummer Erik Larson left after 1998's Over The James, and Avail bassist Chuck McCauley, who is playing rhythm guitar in Freeman now, last played with Avail in 1994. Along with former Wheelbite vocalist Freeman Martin and former Mason Dixon Disaster bassist Chris Rigo, they make up Freeman . . . celebrating the release of their debut LP, It Doesn't Matter. The album is currently available . . . and it's pretty excellent, bringing that same driving, melodic, somewhat emotional sound that Avail always had together with more overt hardcore influences and Freeman's voice, which is reminiscent both of Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan and of Dave Smalley during his Down By Law days. The album definitely continues in the tradition established by Avail's classic 90s albums, and Freeman should easily win a place in the heart of that band's longtime fans."

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