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Hey guys,
Great arrangement of funk-groove bands at Canal Room in NYC 9/2 $10 Advance/$12 Door, 8PM
Known for thick grooves, powerful lyrics, & positive vibes, SOPHISTAFUNK is a live Hip-Hop experience that is not afraid to be different. They have played w/ Fergie, Sean Kingston, & many more! With a complete sound & unique style, SOPHISTAFUNK a breath of fresh air for music fans across the world.

Consisting of Dan Tamberelli (of Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete") on bass, Matt DeSteno on guitar, and Joe Ciarallo on drums, with all members contributing vocals, the band is a mainstay at bars, clubs, music halls, colleges and festivals up and down the eastern United States, consistently consistently building buzz and refining their presence in both the live and studio settings.

Jounce's self-titled debut album was released on June 29th, 2006 to rave reviews. The opening song "You Tell Me" garnered 3rd place in Relix magazine’s Winter 2006 JamOff Competition out of over 500 submissions and the band began playing increasingly larger rooms including New York's Highline Ballroom and Gramercy Theater.

The Rozatones, crowned rulers of Ithaca's live music scene, have you in their sights. You can resist, but usually one or two songs are all it takes to claim a new fan. 2007's Taste So Good was voted "Best funk rock album of the year" by the Ithaca Times, and 2009's Body On The Move is the breakout album the band needed. They've appeared twice on Good Morning America, opened for Soulive at Ithaca's State Theater, and played tour dates through the Knitting Factory and countless festivals - all prior to graduating college. Clearly, The Rozatones are just getting started. It's the music. The band serves up funk and rock in the finest tradition of Jamiroquai, No Doubt and the Chili Peppers, and flavors their songs with jazz, bossa, blues, or any morsel of musical goodness that suits the song. This could be said of lots of emerging bands in America; the difference here is the musicianship and exquisite judgment the band uses. Blending genres is one thing. Blending them into danceable, sing-along-able songs that are stuck in your head for weeks at a time is The Rozatones' specialty. It's likely that the sweaty, dancing kids at the band's hometown shows have no idea how good they have it.

more information here:
click here for link
$teve grove
dr. spaceman
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no thanks
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