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an observation that middle aged fucks piss at urinals with both hands on their hips has morphed into me staring at their dicks, lmao

you have a wild imagination dan coinwurce
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i'm on jeremy's side
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thanks for your support, davey
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Originally posted by: Rina.

I saw it with my daughter and can honestly say I enjoyed it. Nothing in comparison to the first 2. It kept my 8 yr olds attention for 2 hrs straight, so that says a lot right there.
Also, the entire theatre was mostly couples and ladies over 40.
I agree that the vampire trend is ridiculous.
However, as an honest fan of the books, this was the only movie that I truly enjoyed.

I went to see it too (what can I say, I like some really gay shit sometimes) and oddly enough, I saw lots of guys by themselves buying tickets for it, and some groups of 2-3 guys with no girls whatsoever. I didn't see the midnight showing or anything, so I probably missed out on the worst of the crowd, but I definitely saw at least one or two fat mom-types wearing skin tight "Team Edward/Jacob" shirts.
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