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I train at two different locations. One being the gym, the other being at my buddy's house. When I train at my buddy's... I go barefoot because I find that my feet don't slip as much and I can keep them planted in one spot better. However due to dress code, I cannot do this at the gym. Does anyone know of shoes that are good for weight training? Mainly when I am doing legs, I find my toes want to go through the ends of my shoes.
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January 2 2010 11:31 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Nearly every powerlifter wears regular Chuck Taylors. That or specific weightlifting shoes, but most guys go with Chucks. I haven't tried them myself but everyone says they're the best. Generally you want something that is the opposite of a typical Nike crosstrainer. They're great for running, but shit for lifting.
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I do my heavy compound movements barefoot (with socks for common courtesy). If anyone says anything I ask how the insurance company would feel when they found out that i fell over with a five hundred pound barbell on my back because management thought that i should put an inch thick foam cushion under my heels before I squatted.

Aside from that, chucks work as well or better than anything else you'll buy, people have squatted way more than any of us ever will in them, get them or some other flat hard soled shoes
forum Health, Fitness, MMA ›› Need some shoes that are good for lifting ›› new reply Post Reply

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