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June 4 2009 9:38 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I'm trying to work out / exercise more and I have a few simple questions

- how long do you wait to stretch after a work out
- do you eat before or after working out / exercising ... does it make a difference
- how effective is biking as exercise

I'll probably think of more
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June 5 2009 3:58 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I like to stretch at the end of my workout. Sometimes I'll do it between sets, but it's not a regular practice. You should read about different types of stretching. Dynamic stretching is good before a workout, but you want to hold off on static stretches (typical stretches) until your muscles/tendons are warmed up.

I eat before and after working out. If you are trying to add some bulk eating after you workout is very important. Post workout meal should be very high in protein with a lot of carbs in it to replenish your muscles. Pre workout is mainly about fuel so you want to concentrate on carbs and fats. Everyone has a different preference for what they eat before they workout. Mine are sweet potatoes, almonds, and blueberry bagels.

Biking is really effective, but it's also pretty easy to get good at it. I used to bike now and then and would do 20 miles on trails without even being in that good of shape. If you are doing a lot of hills or anything that is very intense it is great exercise. More important than the actual effectiveness of the exercise is the enjoyment you get out of it. Consistency is key so you need to be able to enjoy yourself.
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June 6 2009 2:19 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Personally i like to do atleast 5-10 minutes of a warmup jog or jumping rope to get the muscles loose and warmed up. Then i stretch. I never did this until i started to take Muay Thai and BJJ which has me stretch prior to ever class. I've noticed that i'm alot less injury prone if i stretch before i do anything whether its lifting or MMA related. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to run through my stretches. I have a pretty basic routine. I also have a routine after i'm done working out as well.

I don't necessarily eat or not eat before working out. I used to try to get in atleast a piece of fruit (either apple or banana) and a protein shake about 30-45 min before working out but i've noticed that if i'm going real high intensity i tend to perform alot better when my stomach is essentially empty. After a workout i normally drink a protein shake and maybe a handful of something like berries. Then i'll clean myself up and give my body some time to calm down before eating my full post workout meal. Which is usually a 50/50 between proteins and carbs.

Cycling can be a very effective workout but it depends upon how you do it. If you just mosey along and aimlessly peddle for x amount of time you aren't going to achieve the benefits you are hoping for. Sure its better than just sitting there but pushing yourself with a mix of hills or if you are on a stationary bike,'ll get a great workout. It's like running vs. walking. Running obviously requires more energy and gives you greater/faster results, where walking is better than nothing but won't burn off that beer gut in this decade.
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