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Dan Conner

Life Isn't Posi
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January 3 2009 4:27 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Embrace The End (metalcore badasses from Sactown)
Fate (awesome metalcore from Sactown)
Lysistrata (gay metalcore from Chico)
Armed for Apocalypse (awesome metal from Chico)
Martyrdom Cherub (know nothing of this band)

Paradise Lost, 20th street and Park Avenue
Chico, CA

Cost and time:
8 bucks, 8 PM

Last minute posting, I know. Not very many users on here from this area, and everyone that is is already going. Review will come tomorrow. Looking forward to ETE and Fate fo sho.
Dan Conner
Life Isn't Posi
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January 4 2009 4:03 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Fucking awesome show. One of the best i've been to an a long time. Every single band rocked it.

Embrace The End:
Fucking badass. First time I've been able to see them live (even though I've been a fan for a long time). They ruled. A lot of energy, and very precise. Every note was on point, clean and excise. They straight up ruled.

Fucking awesome. They used to not be anything special, but they picked up the old singer from Conducting From The Grave, dropped from Metal Blade, wrote new shit, and completely owned. Best band on the bill.

Martrydom Cherud:
Had not heard of, or listened to, this band before this show. They rocked it. Plain and simple. Heavy metalcore in the veins of Animosity. Although after talking to most of the band, they seemed full of themselves and thought they were the best shit ever. The drummer was hella cool, I actually hung out and got drunk with him after the show. Would see again, and even gave them my contact info to book them again.

Last time I saw them, they were gayer than a ship full of sailors with aids. But I must say, they improved (with an improved lineup) and rocked the shit out of the joint. A good friend of mine plays guitar for them, and ever since he joined they have improved dramastically. I was actually impressed. Decent metalcore, in the veins of All Out War.

Armed For Apocalypse:

Metalcore staple in this area, and they did not disappoint. Heavy metal with heavy and sledgey breakdowns. They rock it every time they play. Expect to see them hit the big labels in the future.

Overall, awesome show. It takes a lot for me to dance these days (especially after I blew me knee out), but I danced for every band on this bill. I'm going to be sorer than shit tomorrow. The pit was brutal, with blood on the dancefloor. I knocked some kids teeth out with my forearm. Most pits out here aren't down with crowd moshing, but I still owned everyone standing on the outside. I got shoved halfway across the floor while doing so, and ran into the singer of Fate. We both would have went down if I wouldn't have grabbed him with double underhooks and kept both of us on our feet. Fucking awesome. I haven't seen a show like this since I moved back from Texas (and thats including Donnybrook, Hoods, Terror, Bane, Animosity, Ceremony, Warriors, Lose None, Give Em Hell, etc).

Fuck I'm going to be bruised and battered tomorrow.

Basically, if you have the chance to see any of the afforementioned bands, do it or you fail at life. That is all.

Time Husk
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January 4 2018 6:27 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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