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Dear Stardom is looking for a singer to complete it's new lineup. Here are the details of what we are all about and what we are looking for.

We play rock/power-pop music in the style of a lot of bands out there right now, mainly bands like Jimmy Eat World, older Get Up Kids, Say Anything, New Found Glory, ect. You get the idea. If you want a better idea, head over to our myspace and check out the songs we have up.

We are looking for a dedicated singer in the 18-25 year age range. We want someone who is talented, has good range, pitch, and tone, and is a hard worker. Also, hopefully you can write catchy melodies and contribute the songwriting process.

Some of us have been in mroe established bands in the past on real record labels. Yes, they had national distro and is not just some label our cousin runs out of his bedroom. We have had extensive touring and recording experience, and are looking for someone who although might not have as much experience as we have, isn't afraid of jumping right in and being a part of it. This is a band for musicians who really want to make good music and try as hard as possible at it.

We are located on the PA/MD border south of York, PA. We have a lot of options as far as practicing goes so we can practice as far north as north of York, and as far south as nothern MD. We are willing to help someone relocate if they are dedicated enough and really want to be a part of this band.

I'm sure after reading this that you have some idea what we are all about.
Please hit us up on our myspace at www. myspace. com/dearstardom or e-mail us at . Hit up our myspace blog for more information.
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