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Timbré: Sarkozy has Israel's stamp of approval

(April 10, 2007) Sarkozy is shown here on an israeli post stamp. The gift box shown on the stamp is a ballot box and the letters coming from the box form a word which means 'congratulations' and 'good luck'. This stamp was promoted by his local committee and was issued in Israel before it was issued in France.

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Sarkozy, Mossad's spy - Le Figaro

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10:18:25 Þ.Ù
French judiciary police is investigating documents on the French President Nicolas Sarkozy's spy activities for the Zionist regime's Spy Agency, Mossad, Le Figaro daily reported.

Le Figaro in an article titled "Mossad's infilteration into the public movement union (the French ruling party)" worte that the police is studying an electronic letter sent to 100 members of high ranking French police officials about Sarkozy's espionage for Mossad. According to the daily, former Zionist regime's prime minister, Menachem Begin, in 1978 proposed then commander of the regime's spy
agents, Rafael Itan, to employ three French political activists who were willing to cooperate with the Zionist reigme for spy missions. Nicolas Sarkozy was one of the citizens who started its cooperation with Mossad in 1983 as the fourth French member of Mossad, Le Figaro revealed.


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BOMBSHELL! French Police investigate Sarkozy's background as Mossad agent

I have translated this French article as well as I could. Its content is just unbelievable and I couldn't wait any longer for someone else to translate it so that I could share it.

Frankly, I don't know how it is that a MAJOR French newspaper reports such news and it is not headlines all over the world... We have been saying in this blog that Sarkozy has Zionist 'preferences'... We were saying that Sarkozy was a Zionist agent... Well take a Xanax and read
this article...

Strange Accusations of a Cyber-raven

Le Figaro, October 12, 2007

INTERNET The PJ (Police Judiciere) investigates an electronic mail that was sent during the presidential election to one hundred top responsible of the police force. The email affirms that Sarkozy, like Balkany, Lellouche, Devedjian and Aeschlimann were connected to Mossad. Did a dispensary want to destabilize Nicolas Sarkozy during
the presidential campaign? An inquiry entrusted to the Police Judiciere (Judiciary Police) must establish this. At the end of March,2007, in the 'last right' of the election, all departmental managers of the Public Security, around one hundred senior civil servants, were sent a strange electronic mail. The future president was bluntly accused of having been recruited in 1980s by Mossad, the Israeli secret service. The sent text comes in the form of a "synthesis " of two pages. Its title is: « The infiltration of the Israeli Mossad in the UMP. Nicolas Sarkozy: the fourth man. » Above, a pseudo-logo of the "DGSE". « All this smells heavily of manipulation, with reek from the extreme right », warns a senior executive in the ministry of the Interior. According to the author of the email, in 1978 the government of Menachem Begin ordered the inf
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given how hes dealing with the situation in paris i wouldn't be surprised if this was true
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Originally posted by: Dwarn

Sarkozy has Israel's stamp of approval

So does your boy Donald H. Trump.
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