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Jim Coffee Guy

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June 14 2007 8:53 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Im not the best one with nutrition. My question here is...

are normal eggs vs. egg whites really unhealthy?

Im slowly getting back into shape and rehabbing my ACL. Ive been starting out by going to a nice walk, and lite lite weights.

Pulp Free
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June 14 2007 11:07 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I've been told its better to do both...

The problem with the whole egg is most of the fat and cholesterol comes from the yolk. But without it you are losing out on alot of nutrients as well.

I think it depends what your goal is. I would say if you were looking to lose weight the egg whites are the better route but if you are going the bodybuilding route then eat whole eggs.

i eat EggBeaters because its a whole egg with the fat and cholesterol removed. Only shitty thing is you have to eat scrambled eggs all the time and i do miss eating sunny side ups.
what cha gonna do
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June 14 2007 3:14 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I eat whole eggs and egg whites. I just change the ratio to get 50g of protein, and then however much fat I want. Usually it's 4 whole eggs in the mix, but sometimes I just eat six whole eggs and that's it. You need fat in your diet regardless of what you're doing. Also, dietary cholesterol (cholesterol in food) doesn't have a serious impact on blood cholesterol. There have been many studies of this.
Time Husk
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June 21 2007 11:41 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
You know I am a health freak and I eat them whole. Like they're meant to be eaten. I say eat the whole thing, just in moderation.
what cha gonna do
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June 22 2007 4:15 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Also in the egg topic I want to say that eating raw eggs is a waste of time. The eggs need to be cooked to become fully bioavailable so drinking them raw is pointless (aside from the salmonella risk which is actually pretty low). Something like egg beaters or already separated egg whites are almost always pasteurized so they are good to go. When in need I will down a carton of the egg whites you can buy in the store. Just wanted to include this.
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