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September 22 2010 9:59 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by: mark devito

Originally posted by: DennisQ

no order, and always subject to change.

Type O Negative-October Rust
Tears For Fears-Songs From The Big Chair
Death-Individual Thought Patterns
Opeth-Blackwater Park (but really, always seems to change)
Rotten Sound-Exit
Faith No More-Angel Dust
Eric Johnson-Ah Via Musicom
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
Neil Young-Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Neurosis-A Sun That Never Sets
The Police-Synchronicity
Cryptopsy-None So Vile

Originally posted by: mark devito

Originally posted by: Ant_p

my list fucking sucks, that shit is way to hard to narrow down.

We have super similar tastes.

I should add 'None So Vile' and 'Chaosphere' to my those albums.

Really it should be "Nothing", and it easily could be, but tonight I was feeling Chaosphere.
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September 22 2010 10:23 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

Judas Priest- Painkiller
Dissection-Storm of The Lights Bane
Electric Wizard- Dopethrone
Jay Money
times have changed
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September 22 2010 10:43 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Crowbar- self titled
Disembodied- diablerie
Anthrax- among the living
Carcass- heartwork
The Misfits- walk among us
Gorilla Biscuits- start today
Pantera- vulgar display of power
Cocksparrer- shock troops
Down- nola
Leeway- born to expire
Life of Agony- river runs red
One King Down- bloodlust revenge
Black Sabbath- paranoid
Cro-Mags- age of quarrel
Metallica- ride the lightning
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September 22 2010 10:55 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Fugazi - Steady Diet of Nothing
Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power
Leatherface - Mush
2-Pac - All eyez on me
Hot Water Music - No Division
Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral
Guns and Roses: The entire fucking discography
Operation Ivy: Operation Ivy
The Cure - Disentigration
Tool - Aenima
Misfits -Walk Among Us
Youth of Today -Were Not in This Alone
Life Of Agony - River Runs Red
Tori Amos- Boys for pele
Nas - Illmatic
mr. birthdaysex
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September 22 2010 11:28 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
man every time i see someone elses list i see an album i should have added. i hate you for starting this thread for real.
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September 23 2010 12:38 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by: xMAIDENx

Originally posted by: stephenosicky

Here are mine

1. Sunny Day Real Estate - all of them (can't pick)

Then your post has 18 albums.

yeah, true. but i just couldnt pic one from them.
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