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Originally posted by:sidney

Originally posted by:Tml Matus

Originally posted by:Adam Turcotte

I need to get one of these. But I just bought a PS3.

yah i think i'll buy one later on (wii) ... paying $250 for last gen tech is not satisfactory for me ...

but yah super smash brawl is gonna be awesome ... and if it online ... all of us can like have a tourny or soemthing ...

I'm buying a ps3 ... this summer ... and an xbox 360 in 2 or 3 years.

your ass backwards...your buying the worst system (at this time) first....good going.

how is wii better than ps3? ... the only game i'd buy for a wii atm would be zelda ... for ps3 i wanna buy 3 games, Resistance, motorstorm, and VF5. I find ps3 to be a better system at the moment. If you dont ... then thats your OPPINION. xbox 360 currently has the best games at the moment by far ... but with all the malfunctions i keep hearing about ... i;d rather wait for the Elite version.
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