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9/11 = Inside Job
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you're a nazi


Nazis collaborated with the Zionist Jews.

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Originally posted by:Dwarn

so it seems to me that you have a problem with a small group of people who happen to be of Jewish descent ... what does them being Jewish have to do with it? There are greedy fucks of all color and creed.

Not going to continue this discussion till you read the Protocols. A group of Jewish people conspired to control all press, media, banking, medicine, and law, for the purpose of world domination. No other group ever did that.

why do you have to put the word "jewish" in there... who cares what the religion, or ethnicity of these people are if it's not the religion itself commanding them to "conspire to control all press, media, banking, medicine, etc"?
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if ANY of this is true, what are you gonna do about it?
9/11 = Inside Job
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Face the facts


Beware the conversos! They are out to kill you

Face the facts. Jewish bankers have created all the wars in history. This one in Iraq, especially. All the big wars of the last two centuries. All the brushfires happening now. Perhaps you have lost someone in one of these wars.

Perhaps not. Either way, you should know why they happen, because it is your ignorant support that allows them to needlessly kill millions of innocent people.

You have been deceived as to the reasons for these wars, your opinion shaped by the limiting and slanting of all the information you have received throughout your life, but most especially from the varied categories of popular media (principally TV). It turns out that every single one of these categories is controlled by Jews, from your first-grade schoolbook to your post-graduate dissertation. And above all, don't forget Hollywood, which has shaped the world mind in a savagely Jewish way.

H.G. Wells said humankind's mental and moral progress stopped in the 1770s. That was when Meyer Rothschild began to capture the world's finances with the fortune he made off the American Revolutionary War, the first formula fracas in which both sides were funded by the same source. This formula has been followed ever since, by which the central banks buying the corruption of politicians enables them to fleece the populace without regard for any kind of life, especially human. This predatory and primitive penchant perhaps is the basic human drive, but it has by no one been so ruthlessly and efficiently practiced as by the current Jewish network of international banks and funds, which are the depraved offspring of Rothschild and the Jewish philosophy.

Why it is impossible for Jews to tell the truth

For a Jew to tell the truth about his heritage, he would have to admit he is a poseur, pretending to be a citizen of one country or another but really part of a secret cult plugged into the power structure that has been created in every country using fraud, bribery, blackmail and murder.

For a Jew to tell the truth about his heritage, he would have to confess that his holy book slanders the ideal personality of Jesus Christ in the most pornographic ways, and justifies doing the most horrible things to people simply because they are not Jews. Jewish teachings of both the Torah and Talmud preach a genocidal philosophy of excrement and blood that will eventually destroy them, because the gift always returns to the giver.

For a Jew to honestly tell what his tribe has done to the world would cause him to be instantly murdered by the crowd, because he has prostituted your daughters, killed your children, and ruined your life's work .... no matter who you are .... if you're not a Jew. There are many non-Jews who take the payoff, and participate in the millions of deliberately diversionary trails that have greatly assisted the Jewish cause, but if you're a Jew, you wouldn't want to talk about them much, either, because, as the Talmud says, a Jew who reveals Jewish secrets to a non-Jew must be killed. Actually, it says both of them must be killed. It is that kind of book, and that kind of people.

For a Jew to tell you the real truth, he would have to tell you that the greatest Jewish philosopher, Maimonides, said the all those so-called human beings who are not Jewish must be either killed or enslaved, and he was only echoing the many toxic tractates of the Talmud, which drone on endlessly about the need to kill or enslave all those who are not Jews.

What most non-Jews do not realize is that this objective has just about been completely accomplished, and the stupid, sleeping, exploited non-Jewish populace does not even realize it.