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The Awakening Debuts New Video

Revered South African born gothic-rock act THE AWAKENING has partnered with, for an exclusive reveal of its new music video for the fan-favorite track, “About You.” The single, is found on the act’s latest album, Chasm, that’s available now from Intervention Arts.

Getting It Out Podcast Interviews Blaze Tishko of In Cold Blood

Episode 77 featuring Blaze Tishko of In Cold Blood is my guest this week on the podcast. We talked all about the new record "Legion Of Angels" coming out this Summer on Fast Break Records and a whole lot more! Check it out here or download wherever you get your podcasts!

Benny Goodman of Symphinity Answers the Getting It Out Questionnaire

GETTING IT OUT PODCAST has been talking to a lot of people lately, but it's not enough! In an attempt to get more of the most important questions answered, the GETTING IT OUT QUESTIONNAIRE has been created. Ten of the MOST important questions that we need to know! This week's interviewee is the great BENNY GOODMAN of SYMPHINITY! Check it out!

Getting It Out Podcast Interviews Schuylar Croom of He Is Legend

Schuylar Croom is the lead singer for HE IS LEGEND and they just released a great record titled "White Bat." Hear all about the interesting writing/creative process based around the Golden State Killer and lighter topics like the beach and Super Soaker squirt guns. Maybe we even re-visit the old conjoined twin debate!

Getting It Out Podcast Interviews Blaine Cook of The Accused A.D.

Blaine Cook has been kicking around the hardcore punk scene for about 40 years now. He has spent time as the voice of THE FARTZ, THE ACCUSED and TOE TAG, but he just dropped a new record with THE ACCUSED A.D. called "The Ghoul In The Mirror." Why did they add the 'A.D.'? They cover that and a whole lot more! Check it out right here on Stereokiller or download it wherever you get your podcasts.

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